Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dilly-icious -This Spuds for you!

BBQs and Potato Salad just seem to go hand in hand.  This classic side dish has never lost its appeal!  Potatoes lend themselves to so many different flavours, that the combinations are almost endless.  Some may prefer a creamy dressing, while others a zesty vinagrete.  Classic add in ingredients are celery and onions,  more adventurous ones include crab, bacon or avocado! 

Regardless of the particulars there are some basic tips that will put your potato above the rest...

Use new potatoes, thin skin (red or white).
Cut potato into bite sized pieces, I like the skin on.
Always salt the cooking water
Do not over cook your spuds, they should be fork tender.
As soon as you drain your spuds, place them in a bowl and splash with some acid - vinegar, lemon juice or pickle juice.  This step makes the real difference.
Let your spuds cool completley before dressing.

I have made many potato salads -  the one my family keeps coming back for,is this scrum-dilly-icious version.

Dilly-icious Potato Salad

1 bag of mini potatoes (680g), cut each potato in half.
2 Dill pickles, quartered lengthwise then chopped into pieces (Strubs are teh best)
2 Green Onions, both white and green parts thinly sliced
2 Stalks Celery
1/3 cup mayonaise
2 Tbsp of one of the following - Greek yogurt, Sour Cream or Buttermilk
3 Tbsp Pickle juice
1 Tbsp Fresh dill

Place halved potatoes into a pot of cold salted water.
Bring to a boil, and cook until potatoes until fork tender. Drain and place in large bowl.
Add pickle juice and toss, let spuds cool completely.
Once cooled add remainder of ingredients and stir well.
Taste for seasoning and add salt or pepper as needed
Refridgerate until ready to serve.

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