Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yorkshire Valley #ChicknDip

Yorkshire Valley Farm is a company that is filling a void in large grocery chains,  providing fresh chicken that is not only organic but local.  Until recently,  buying both organic and local chicken that was fresh, meant an extra trip to my friendly butcher shop or farmers market.  So I was ecstatic when I started seeing my Loblaws carrying this line of chicken.  I had been a customer for a few months when I received an invitation to check out the new line of chicken nuggets that Yorkshire Valley Farms was launching.  Now chicken nuggets are not an item I regularly buy, I can probably count on one hand how many times I've bought chicken nuggets for my boys who are 10 and 14.  That's not to say they don't like such kid food, but I have always made mine from scratch.   So curious about the new product,   I went to the event!

So let's talk nuggets.   A self professed label reader I quickly noticed that soy was used in conjunction to the chicken, to make the nugget.  So if you or your children have a sensitivity/allergy to soy this product is not for you.  The saving grace is that the soy is also organic and therefore not genetically modified.    Nuggets of any variety aren't for me  (I find the texture unappealing),  but as a mom of two boys who are capbable of feeding themselves, having a box of these in my freezer would mean that they could heat up a treat for themselves in a pinch. 

The #chickndip event was held at the SubZero-Wolf show room which was stunning and modern with its red and white decor!  The tasting of nuggets was made more delicious when paired with the 10 sauces, jams and dips that accompanied them.  Two companies that debuted some tasty sauces were Neal Brothers with their Toasted Sesame and Honey Dijon, along with DA Foods and their Southern Blues BBQ sauce!  Wash it all down with a cold Magners Pear cider and the night was complete.

Above and beyond the nuggets I believe in what Yorkshire Valley farms is doing. Growing organic chickens locally means I have the opportunity to support local farmers and in turn support the health of my family.  The fact that I can buy the delicious chickens at most major grocery stores,  makes me even happier. 
Swag from the event included some of my favourite condiments also locally made!
Bacon Jam - Mcewan Foods
Green Tomato and Garlic Jam - Bumpercrop
Khaldin - Eudora's Fine Foods

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